modular smartphone case

When you buy a smartphone you are stuck with whatever the manufactured included at the moment. What if you could change that without changing entire phone? We all know about the project ARA (mobile phone made out of replaceable small parts) but it seems that one is far from finished. Here is an alternative solution: keep your current phone and add functionality via Modular Smartphone Case called Nexpaq. Easily customize, enhance, and add features to your smartphone as you desire.

Imagine loving your phone but not liking its camera or speakers etc – you cant really do much, right? You an, if you have this smartphone case. What can you change? First, it adds additional battery, supercharging your phone. Modules that you can get: Amplified speaker, super LED flashlight, temperature and humidity sensors, hotkeys (you can add a shortcut to access a function on your phone with one click), USB flash, air quality sensor, breathalyzer, additional memory and of course laser! Why? Because lasers are always awesome. You can of course use there modules on different smartphones – your wife has an iPhone and you have android? No problem, you can share the modules and it will work.

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