upside down helicopter fan

Imagine entering the room when you spot a upside down helicopter on the ceiling! Ducking and saying ‘WTF’ would be our first thought too. Relax, you are safe – it is just a cool looking ceiling fan. It’s a 1:6 replica of the legendary Hughes/MD 500, made by some designer. The helicopter was popular back in movies back in the 7pties and now you can have it as a ceiling fan. It’s not just a joke though because Hughes/MD 500 actually could fly upside down. So it’s like this Raffaele Iannello‚Äôs Upside Down helicopter landed on your ceiling and will make your room cooler with it’s 4 blades propeller. Some people really come up with the weirdest ideas, don’t they? Luckily, we are here to show it to you.