scanify 3D selfie scanner

Who doesn’t love selfies? Well, many people but you are not one of them. You love to take and post selfies. It’s almost an obsession. Why not take it to another level with this 3D Selfie Scanner? Scanify will capture a 3D image of your face in under one second. You just need to hold Scanify’s two handles, point it at your face and slowly move scanner around your face. It doesn’t need to be your face, it can be any object, even your pet. This is probably the world’s first point-and-shoot 3D scanner. The way it works is it has 2 stereo cameras, which enhances the speed and also prevent motion blur in case you move. What is even better (or scarier), you can then input this data into 3D printer and you print yourself a 3D replica of your face, even your entire head.

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