r2 d2 pinball machine coffee table

Let’s just get this straight first – this is a real pinball machine but it is not operational anymore, you cant play pinball on it. However it still lights up and makes droid-like beeps and whirs. The toy R2-D2 in the back whistles and blorts, tables legs have wheels to make moving it around easier, you can switch 6 different light settings for some awesome effects when your friends are over for a coffee. There’s even a small slide projector and of course when you touch the buttons it goes “ping”.

Why would anyone buy it then? Well, lots of hardcore Star Wars and rich people out there. Besides, the table is beautiful handcrafted (over 300 hours of work) and very detailed. With the new Star Wars coming out not too far in the distant future, this is a great collectible to ghave for every …. uhm, rich Star Wars fan.

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