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Bring back the Firefly!!! OK, this is not a product but we had to plug in this one here because we are a big fans of Firefly & Alan Tudyk. He and his buddy Nathan (ah, you know, just the Captain of Serenity) are making a new web comedy series about about actors who starred in a canceled sci-fi show. You can watch the first episode, which is a pitch, on the link below. It’s hilariously funny and it even features cool guest like Seth Green (Robot Chicken), Felicia Day, James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Firefly’s own Gina Torres! Sean Maher will also make guest appearance. So if you are Firefly fan then it is your duty to support this. This is the closest that we got to Firefly, people! We can barely contain our excitement so show Alan some support.