warsting wifi detecting sting

We all know that Bilbo has a sword called Sting that glows blue whenever orcs or goblins are nearby. This is very useful for hobbits but today orcs and goblins are quite rare sight. But what if instead of orcs Sting would detect unsecured Wi-Fi networks? It is not yet for sale but no worries, you can easily make it yourself – you just need two things: a toy Sting, and a Spark Core.. OK, you need to be tech savvy a little bit to program it but you just copy what is on the instructions page. After you are done, power it up and when the sword turns blue start slashing. One by one, WarSting(as it is called) will vanquish them until all have been vanquished .After that the sword will stop glowing blue. So there you have it, your own private Sting.