Furbacca - Furby Chewbacca

Any Star Wars and Furby fans here? We have good news for you. Hasbro announced the coolest next-generation Furby in the form of your favorite wookie and Han Solo’s most loyal friend. It will speak wookie just like real Chewbacca and will hum the Star Wars theme song. It interacts with users and needs your affection. You can virtually feed him, bathe and play games with Furbacca through the free app. For example give him the shower with app and it will make cute noises like he is getting cleaned. It has sensors in its head, stomach, mouth and tail. You can scratch him between the ears or pull his tail and he will react. The best thing: he has LCD eyes so they will change depending on his mood. It will even display pictures of X-Wing Fighters and Imperial Star Destroyers.

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