chicken egg mold

Boiled egg. So simple, so good. But once you boil it, there is not much to do with it, right? Wrong. You can slice it or eat it whole but why would you do this when you can make it look like little chicken? Oh, the irony. The egg ironically the only part of the chicken that we can’t say it tastes like one. But you can make it look like small chick with this chick egg mold. So now you are eating egg that came out of chicken that looks like chicken but it isn’t chicken.

You will have to follow certain procedure if you want it to look perfect but it is worth it. Even though the children will love it, it is best of the adults make it because you have to boil the egg to medium first, remove the shell and put it into the mold. After you are done you put it on the small chicken legs so it looks more realistic and cute. You should use only medium or small eggs.

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