How much are you willing to pay for a computer? $2000? $1000? $500? $50? How about $9? Yes, that is correct. $9 bucks! Yes, it does not include the screen or Blu-ray drive but that is not the idea of this computer. This is one of those Raspberry Pi kind of computers that is basically computer on a chip. It is the world’s most affordable computer.

So what does this get you? CHIP is a fully functional Linux-powered computer that packs a 1GHz Allwinner R8 Cortex A8 processor with a built-in Mali400 GPU, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of flash storage. It also has a micro USB port, composite headphone/mic port, Wifi and Bluetooth. You need to attach a LiPo battery or DC power to power it or you can simply power it through the micro USB.