Withings Activité Pop Fitness Watch

Granted, this is a nice watch but why is it featured here? It’s not ultra expensive, it’s not weird.. so what gives? Well, it is a watch AND a fitness tracker. Most fitness trackers look like fitness trackers with LED display but this one actually looks like watch. But looks can be deceiving – it will track steps taken, calories burned and your sleep cycles. This watch is an younger ‘brother’ of the more expensive Withings Activité watch ($450). Activité Pop has two hand dials: one points to the time and the other one shows a percentage of your activity goals for the day. For example set yourself a goal of 5,000 steps per day and it will gently vibrate once you hit it. It will slightly vibrate. Vibrate function can also wake you up in the morning and thus not waking up your partner.

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