modular spatula

This is genius – why hasn’t anyone though of this before? Why have 5 different spatulas when you can have 5 different half-spatulas and all use the same handle? Think of the space you will save – it’s unbelievable, your kitchen will suddenly feel twice as big with all this extra space available! Not to mention you will be help saving the nature, the Earth (and with it human race!) by being responsible for producing less plastic. It is so cool that just by buying these modular spatulas you can add “environmental activist” to your resume. Global warming is real and you can help one half-spatula at a time!

The set includes: 1 storage block, 1 ergonomic handle, 5 detachable spatula heads. Spatula heads included are: flexible mixer, slotted spoon, long flexible slotted spatula, flat spatula, extra-wide slotted spatula. Included is also compact, two-part storage block that opens for easy cleaning.

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