KipstR Sleep Sensor Wristband

What if we told you that there is a gadget that sense when you fall asleep while watching TV and then records a movie for you? Imagine this – you just had a great meal, a glass of wine or beer and are now comfortably watching a movie that you have been looking forward forever. However your head gets heavier and your eyes are closing. You wake up 2 hours later – you fell asleep and your favorite movie is over! But it doesn’t have to be like this. KipstR wristband can sense you fall asleep and when it happens it (KipstR wristband) will mimics a TiVo remote: it will pause and record whatever is currently being watched. This is great when you have to watch a movie with your dad who fell asleep. The wristband will record a movie for him while you can change the channel without interfering with the recording and your dad will then automatically resume watching once he wakes up. Technology rules, right?