jawbone up 24 fitness tracker

Jawbone UP 24 is the best fitness tracker you can buy, according to The Verge and user ratings on Amazon. It will help you manage your weight, sleep better and stay fit. It counts your steps, food & drinks, it knows your sleep patterns, learns about your working overtime, gently reminds you when you miss your goals (you can set you own goals) and much more. It even has a “Today I will” feature, which asks you to make one good-health change a day. It knows your sleep patterns and has a vibrating alarm clock so it wakes you up at the perfect point in your sleep cycle. If this won’t help you improve your life and health then you are beyond help! Come on, stop reading this, get the this fitness tracker and start improving your life! Of course you get all nice graphs and info on your smartphone with UP 24 app.

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