futuristic dog kennel

If you love your dog and have around $30,000 lying somewhere that you won’t miss then why not try to get this futuristic looking dog kennel? It’s called Dream Doghouse and made by Samsung. Great for people that have very little space and don’t want to put their dog into ordinary cage kennel. This dog house comes with 2 living areas. One is for “rest and relaxation” and the other one is for “dining and entertainment”, which also acts as an outside astroturfed area. Hi tech luxury dog kennel is full on features like “doggy” treadmill, a hot-tub spa, a “push-to-woof” call bell, bespoke wallpaper and even framed portraits of family and friends, a skylight and a dog-operated snack dispenser. In the back of the Dream Doghouse you will find padded sleeping area with ‘dog-proof’ leather buttons and luxurious bone pillows. You dog can even watch TV from their bed via wall-mounted Samsung Galaxy Tab S and even summon owners with “push to woof” call button. Wait..when did the dog become masters?

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