2 part keyboard

So this keyboard has been split into two parts. Why would anyone do this? Apparently it is not only easier to type, it is also less uncomfortable and less bad for your wrists. First, it is made from two blocks of solid maple that support your hands. Say goodbye to rubber or plastic supports. Second, keys are not all the same shape, they are shaped to best fit your fingers.

If you think about it, this is how we imagine the position of the hands in the future,if we will still be using physical keyboard.You might be scared at first but after a while you will get used to it. RGB LEDs behind each key are programmable so you can make them glow green, red and so on. It is an open platform so you can flash it with any firmware you want (It even comes with source code & a screwdriver). It has hardwood body, mechanical switches & custom-sculpted keycaps, it’s a dream to type on.

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