idesk organizer

Clean and organized desk is a sure way to more productivity however it;s just so hard to maintain – the stuff just keeps accumulating on the table and before you know it is like hoarders house. The best way to prevent is to put all your stuff into a contained space. Where? On iDesk Organizer of course. It forces you to put your stuff in a very small space so your desk will stay clean. It actually has a place for every item that you need when you have to sit in front of the computer for several hours. It is a coffee cup holder, pen, notes and business cards holder (you can also put your favorite photos there) and smart/mobile phone stand (even while charging). But wait, there is more: It has an inbuilt MS/MS PRO DUO, XD, SD/MMC, and Micro SD cards reader and 3 USB slots. So now that your desk space is optimized and neatly organized you can really boost your productivity.. or browse reddit, whichever you prefer.

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