brain specimen coasters

If you are fan of Hannibal or some other crazy guy then you will love Brain Specimen Coasters. It’s brain sliced and used as a coasters. No, it’s not a real brain, you sicko. Or is it? If you have especially twisted sense of humor just casually ask your friends before serving them the drink: Do you remember my grandma that passed away? I had a crazy idea how to forever remember her. Then serve the drinks on this. For a moment you friends will be in shock. Later, they will laugh and ask you where did you buy this.

The set includes 10 glass coasters printed with brain slices. The best part is they are different parts of brain so if you stack them up in proper order (don’t worry, they are labeled for easy stacking and to look more authentic) you will get a real complete brain if you look at it from the right angle. Made from real glass and with rubber on the bottom for protection.

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