deeper fish sonar scanner

Is it a bomb? Is it a plane? Is it a Superman (it is definitely not a Superman!)? Is it a death star for ants? None of the above, it is high tech depth finder (in short, smart sonar) for all of you that like to go fishing. This will allow you to fish places other can’t reach: shore, bridges, embankments, dock, in rivers, kayak, float tube, radio controlled bait boats, ice fishing etc. It’s almost unfair how much advantage does this gadget give you.

Why high tech? Because it works with your smartphone or tablet. Connected via Bluetooth, it can dive up to 130ft and battery will last up to 4 hours. You just need to attach Deeper sonar to your fishing line, lower it and you will instantly receive (via free app for android or iPhone) info about fish, bottom contour, structure, depth, water temperature and more more, anywhere you cast. App will show you lunar fishing calendar, there is integrated camera function, up-to-date weather reports, customized fishing log, integrated map function, even social media networks and more.

Turns out it is a death star – death star for fishes!

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