chainmail necktie

Tie. Probably the most hated and useless piece of the dress unless you love suits and even then it can feel suffocating. But sometimes you jut have to wear it so why not make it something special? Most people just change the color or pattern of the tie but you know that is not enough for you. Introducing the Chainmail Shirt Necktie, made from high quality aluminum chainmail. This is a tie for real men, it’s like you stepped out of Game of Thrones episode. Your colleagues will respect you, your partners will fear you and your boss will be impressed. Please don’t wear it if you have awesome beard because people around you will not be able to handle your badassness! It is so badass that you don’t need to wash and iron it the usual way: if you spill wine on it simply put the bag in your dishwasher and run it through with your dishes.

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